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Recruitment Service

Our objective is to find suitable employees for employers in their organisations. This we are able to achieve, in part, because we do not charge any fees from the candidates for finding a job for them, unlike other employment agencies. Hence, we are able to filter through a wide variety of candidates to shortlist based on their merit, rather than their ability and willingness to pay.

Different job profiles must have different hiring processes in order to produce best results. For instance: a sales person in an Information Technology Service providing company needs to be trained about current technology trends and needs to possess excellent communication skills. However, a Chef in an expensive restaurant must have valuable culinary experience as well as skills to enhance and create recipes. That is why the hiring process must be tailored made for every type of vacancy that has to be filled.

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Finding the balance between Talent and Salary

Like all goods and services, jobs too are aligned to the demand and supply of the market. Hence, in order to find the best quality you need to bid to the highest price. Therefore, it is very important to find out the current trend of the market and make the best possible offer. For instance: if you have a vacancy for an accountant in your business and the demand for accountants had been decreasing steadily for the past couple of years due to automation in accounting activities and the supply hasn't responded to it, in this case you are likely to find a great accountant for a salary package that is less than previous year's market average. On the other hand, if the supply has responded to the changing trend diligently, by lesser number of people pursuing that career, you may have to pay more than the market average just to have a mediocre accountant working for your business.

Conducting proper market research prior to initiating the recruitment process will not only save you valuable time, it will also make you aware of the actual cost of having that position filled. 

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