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Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy.

Just as the market seems to get more and more saturated with similar products or services by a number of competitive businesses, standing out from the competition gets significantly more difficult. This is a big threat to businesses throughout the world. On top of that, thanks to a robust digital network, businesses are no longer restricted to selling only where they have a physical presence. Therefore, providing excellent customer service can be a truly differentiating factor that will make your business grow exponentially. Hence, Customer Service can be used as a viable Marketing Strategy.

Understanding the demand for a Better Customer Service Experience in your target market.

First, You need to find out whether people are satisfied with the customer service they receive from your competitors or not. This is quite important as it will determine how much further you have to go to make a difference. For instance, if customers are extremely satisfied with the current options, they will not opt for an alternative just for a better customer service and you must, in that case, focus your marketing strategy on something else that the market lacks.

Evaluating the cost of delivering an Enhanced Customer Service Experience.

After assessment of the demand, you must focus on the cost of rendering customer service itself. For instance: a pizza delivery business may hire an employee proficient with multiple languages to deliver pizzas if the customer base speaks multiple languages. This will make interactions with customers more hassle-free and efficient. Customer retention will be higher and there will be less complaints due to misunderstanding. In doing this, it must be kept in mind that the cost incurred must be less than increased revenue generation, otherwise it will only be an upgrade in the service quality and not a marketing strategy. Therefore, you must find out the cost of hiring a multi-lingual delivery person and the growth potential for the language specific customer base.

Analyzing the revenue generated after implementation of this strategy.

Similar to any other marketing strategy, a proper analysis is required in order to make the best out of it. You must maintain proper records and compare them within a time frame to get a practical and simple analysis. This is very important because you need to know whether it is financially feasible or not. Sometimes, it may seem to be working on the surface but doesn't make any financial sense to rely upon it. For instance: take the same pizza delivery business, if your business model relies on technology for interactions with customers, such as through an android/ios application, you may not see a significant difference in the revenue growth after you hire a multi-lingual delivery person. Customer satisfaction will certainly increase if there is a demand for it in the market, but over the period sales volume may not increase. Without a proper record, and its analysis, it is impossible to know the exact effect of implementation of this specific strategy.


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