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Why is Digital Marketing better than Conventional Marketing?

If there ever was one quality that you needed to start a business, it would be marketing. Sales , to be precise. Sales is the most important aspect of a business entity. Whether its a startup or a multinational corporation, sales volume is what makes or breaks a business. That is why, as a business owner or manager, you must focus on sales and specifically, sales per input cost.

Since the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales, evaluating sales per input cost among different forms of marketing will provide a better picture. Now, this is where Digital marketing comes in handy. With the ever increasing technological advancement, access to information has reached an all time high.

Today's customers tend not to attend physical promotional events, that leaves you, the business, in a position to spend a lot and not get the result you expect. With Digital Marketing Strategies, you can not only reach to the customers in your geographic location, but also to those who are outside of it. On top of everything, you can do so at a fraction of the cost.

Digital Marketing

When you choose Digital Marketing over Conventional one, the entire process in under your control:

  1. How much you spend.

  2. Who your target is.

  3. When and in which way you want to conduct marketing.

  4. Most importantly: the agility to scale up or down instantaneously.

It is the agility that makes Digital Marketing, an existential threat to Conventional Marketing. No matter how robust your marketing strategy might be, it will have some specific flaws for you in your specific situation. If you spend a hefty amount on marketing and find out that your calculations were wrong or some unforeseeable external factor had a profound influence over your diminished sales, you would be left to your devices. On the other hand, with Digital Marketing, you test the outcome first and then you increase the spending as and when required with the option to reduce it whenever you tackle any problem, until you solve it.

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